HKTC is governed by an Executive Committee made up of prominent industry experts selected from the HKTC’s membership. FHKI (website: acts as the Secretariat to HKTC.

Executive Committee Members of Hong Kong Toys Council (2019-2021)

Honorary Presidents

Mr Young Kak Sun, Edmund, BBS (Perfekta Enterprises Ltd.)
Mr Wong Tit Shing (Jetta Company Ltd.)
Mr Chan Ming Yiu, Samson (Toys Quest Ltd.)
Mr Chan Wing Luen, Lawrence (Wynnewood Corporation Ltd.)
Mr Ting Wai Cheung, Bernie (Qualidux Industrial Co. Ltd.)
Mr Tong Shing Jing, John (Wong Hau Plastic Works & Trading Co. Ltd.)

Mr Ting Tien Li, Ivan (Bachmann Asia Ltd.)

Mr Chan Wan Sing, Bryant (Wynnewood Corporation Ltd.)

Mr Yeung Chi Kong
Dr Tam Wai Mou, Vincent (Vince Synergy Company)
Ms Maggie Cheung (HK Trade Development Council)
Mr Ip So, Raymond 

Committee Members

Mr Cheng Kat Hong, Simon (Accord International Co., Ltd.)
Mr Samson Ko (Chung Cheong Hong Haberdashery Ltd.)
Mr Lam Hoi Cheung, Victor, JP (Forward Winsome Industries Ltd.)
Dr Luk Tei, Lewis (Harbour Ring Group Limited)
Mr Kevin Kwok (Herald Metal & Plastic Works Ltd.)
Ms Cindy Chan (Intertek Testing Services HK Ltd.)
Mr Wong Tat Chi, Kenneth (Jetta Company Ltd.)
Ms Ngan Ming Sau, Candy (May Cheong Toy Products Fty. Ltd.)
Ms Yip Yee Nga, Elizabeth (Red Box Toy Fty. Ltd.)
Mr Ho Kin Yeung, Samuel (Sam & Partners Ltd.)
Mr Eddie Hui (SEMK Products Ltd.)
Mr Richard Fung (The Hong Kong Standards & Testing Centre Ltd.)
Ms Emily Cheung (Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Ltd.)
Mr Lo Kwok Choi (Wah Shing Toys Co. Ltd.)
Mr Tam Lap Kei, Michael (Wise Key Corporation Ltd.)
Mr Hui Man Chun, Terrence (Yick Shun Electronic Toys Manufactory Ltd.)