The judging is based on following criteria:

Design element/Originality (25%)

  • Design value of the product that enhance user satisfaction and benefit, any design patent
  • Form and shape, graphics, colors, surprise element
  • “Made by Hong Kong” toys: Toys produced, designed or licensed by Hong Kong registered companies
  • Proven record of license or original in Hong Kong

Product functionality, in safe quality and environmental friendliness (25%)

  • Solving user pain point and increasing user-friendliness
  • Fulfilling all requirements of handling, usability, safety, and maintenance
  • Visualization of intended use
  • Address details of resource friendliness, sustainability, reparability, durability, recyclability and reusability
  • Bearer of internationally recognized eco labels or certificates

Marketability (25%)

  • Showing strong sales potential
  • Developing new market and/or new target group
  • Price and quality competitiveness
  • Packaging Point-of-sales and packaging

Specialization (25%)

  • Boys, Girls, Vehicle Toys
  • Baby. Infant, Preschool Toys
  • STEAM/ educational element: learning through play to develop a particular skill or subject
  • Board Card, Game Toys
  • Innovative element: special features/ product material/ technology that enhances the desirability, and often the appraisal value
  • HK IP Licensing Toys

The judging panel reserves the final discretion of the contest results.